Small solutions.

This blog post is the reason why ‘Anarkytect’ came about. The real aim of Anarkytect is to create a socially responsible architecture which provides solutions to existing problems. The idea is to be able to solve simple problems of space through design intervention. For this reason, we are going to explore a simple solution to … More Small solutions.

Architecture for humans?

In possibly every architectural school, the first thing students are taught is that architecture is for humans but sadly as the years pass by this one statement is usually forgotten.Maybe because students and teachers alike tend to interpret the ‘human’ as an individual instead of the humane in ‘human’ or the humanity in general. ‘Architecture … More Architecture for humans?

Apartments & Humans

There is something eerily beautiful about the apartments we have. They are the modern-day villages, the symbol of a city living. When you walk inside an apartment building, it’s as if you can almost feel how alive that place is. The smell of different meals being cooked, the varied noises coming from each block and … More Apartments & Humans