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A short post to announce that ‘Anarkytect’ is now on Facebook, so all of you can connect and interact with us more often. Give us a like to stay connected! Follow us on the link below: Anarkytect – The Architecture Collective Advertisements

Small solutions.

This blog post is the reason why ‘Anarkytect’ came about. The real aim of Anarkytect is to create a socially responsible architecture which provides solutions to existing problems. The idea is to be able to solve simple problems of space through design intervention. For this reason, we are going to explore a simple solution to … More Small solutions.

Architecture is dead!

“Architecture is dead, architecture remains dead. And architects have killed it!”  This statement may sound outrageous and even blasphemous to some but it has never been more truer than it today. The architect of today has killed architecture through their own hands. Today, architecture for general public is no more than ‘ornamentation’ of a building, … More Architecture is dead!