Apartments & Humans

There is something eerily beautiful about the apartments we have. They are the modern-day villages, the symbol of a city living. When you walk inside an apartment building, it’s as if you can almost feel how alive that place is. The smell of different meals being cooked, the varied noises coming from each block and the ever-changing pattern of lights in apartment windows, posing in cohesion with one another yet having a different meaning for each. It is fascinating to observe how the same space is used by different individuals, how their lives translate uniquely to the space they occupy. The builders and architects provide the families with a house of the same design but the families turn it in to a unique home for themselves. The seemingly infinite arrangement of colorful laundry drying in balconies, to the scent of wide variety of plants, the chirping pet birds in some houses, the aroma of a hundred different dishes cooked in the apartments for afternoon meal, they all diffuse in to each other, thus the influence of one ‘house’ is not limited to its space, it combines with the hundred different houses and the result is something much more grand and unique. There is probably no other ‘space’ which celebrates and showcases the extent of human individuality (for a lack of better word!).  Next time, when you walk in to an apartment building, look around and feel how each unit, although an architectural clone, is so drastically different from each other. You’ll not only appreciate the astounding variety of human individuality but also the ability of the human usage to alter architecture.

(Reuters/Danish Siddiqui)

2 thoughts on “Apartments & Humans

  1. Agreed, it is generally fascinating to observe how buildings ‘age’ with time, specially through human use and probably there is no better place to observe this than the apartment blocks.


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