The idea for ‘Anarkytect’ came from a simple observation that architectural projects, specially in architectural schools, are a set of problems and the primary role of the architect is to solve these problems. What if this same thinking could then be applied to the real world? What if, wherever, an architect sees an issue or a problem he would decide to solve it himself rather than wait for ‘client’?

Imagine a public park, one which is our run-of-the-mill public park designated by the governments for the citizens. A simple network of paths with a couple of tree and lawns spread about is the general design of such spaces. These spaces are generally underused due to their bad design. This holds to be true at least in my home country of Pakistan where a large of such parks are just never used by the general public.

New Doc 2017-07-20_1
Sketch by author

Now through minimal design interventions we can revitalize this public space, for example placing benches in shaded spots or where there is a pleasant view, creating water features (because water is always a refreshing element in space with its visual and auditory characteristics) and small features such as dustbin might be helpful in creating a space more attractive to the public.

Sketch by author
Sketch by author


What really happens here is that design interventions revitalized the space in to a more user-friendly park, because most certainly a bad design doesn’t work as well as a good design. Now this above example is not a scientific-study or an experiment, it’s merely a way illustrating a point that architectural interventions in any space will significantly impact and this impact can be positive if one intends that. A similar real life example is the proposed park alongside River Seine in Paris.

Anarkytect believes that this power of architecture can be harnessed to re-shape the society in to a better one. With the global crisis of climate change, housing, poverty, architects can be at the forefront of this battle. The idea here is to take on the world as a set of problems to which architects, and everyone who has ever built something, holds the solution to. Anarkytect is an effort to reintroduce architecture as a means of solving real world problems instead of just creating glamorous structures which cater to a certain part of the society. Architects like Alejandro Aravena are living embodiment of a more socialistic approach to architecture.

‘Anarkytect’ is derived from anarchy and architect, it refers to the ideology that an architect, with his potential to build, can disrupt and even change the conditions of a society; for better or for worse.


P.S. This post is subject to future edits as the ideas of ‘Anarkytect’ evolve.


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